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Who Are We?

Storm Water Consulting is a civil engineering company that specialises in stormwater design, water quality treatment design and flood modelling.

Our team have worked on both private sector and government sector projects across Australia. We are always looking to provide our clients with a smooth and professional experience. If you have any queries about a stormwater, flood or development related issue please give us a call.

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What Do We Offer?

We provide a vast range of different services at Storm Water Consulting and we would be pleased to provide you with assistance. We've dedicated a whole section of our website to providing more detail about the different services we can provide you. Click on the link below to see what's on offer.

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Question of the Month

Question: I plan to develop my property which is located adjacent to Brisbane City Council’s Overland Flow Flood Planning Area. As my property is not located within the Overland Flow Flood Planning Area, do I have to consider the overland flow in the area and do I have to meet therequirements of the Flood Overlay Code?

As the property is not located within the Overland Flow Flood Planning Area (and no other Flood Planning Areas) the Flood Overlay Code is not required to be met. However, it should be understood that the Overland Flow Flood Planning Area is not representative of the actual flood prone land and is only indicative that there is an overland flow issue in the area.
The overland flow needs to be further assessed by a hydraulic engineer. Given that there is overland flow in the area (although it may not be on the subject property) the development should still be designed to meet the requirements of the Flood Overlay Code in order to provide a safe and sustainable development.

Our Investigation Locations

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