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Hello everyone and welcome to the December edition of ‘Keep Things Flowing’, the monthly newsletter presented by Storm Water Consulting.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our readers, clients, friends and colleagues a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy holidays. We have enjoyed the year that was 2016 and are looking forward to what 2017 brings.

Storm Water Consulting will be closed from Wednesday 21st December 2016 to Friday 6th January 2017, with the office reopening on Monday 9th January 2017.

In this month’s newsletter we will review the year that was and take and a look back at some of the major events from 2016.


Storm Season

Back in our October edition of Keep things Flowing we wrote extensively about the upcoming storm season in South-East Queensland. Over the last two weeks South-East Queensland was subject to several storms in the majority of afternoons or evenings. These storms brought heavy rain, hail, flash flooding, thunder and lightning and caused damage to multiple cars, homes, workplaces, and other infrastructure. If you missed our October newsletter you can catch up with the following link:

October 2016 Newsletter

Because these storms are often so volatile, flash flooding often occurs in low lying areas. It is important to remember that you should never be tempted to drive through flood water.


2016 In Review

This year brought about some significant changes to the stormwater industry. Let’s recap!

·         BCC updated several flood studies which led to updated flood level data on 4500 residential properties;

·         GCCC adopted a new City Plan;

·         MBRC released Flood Check Reports and Flood Check Development Reports to provide flooding information to the public for specific properties;

·         SPEL’s SPELFilter device was accepted for use in all Councils within South-East Queensland;

·         Australian Rainfall and Runoff released a new set of guidelines.

·         The issue of flood free trafficable access became heavily enforced by BCC;


Goodbye 2016

We hope you found our newsletter publications throughout the year educational and informative. All of our previous issues are available on our website at

We will continue to bring you news and updates in 2017!

As always, Keep Things Flowing!

The Storm Team