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Hello everyone and welcome to 2016! We hope you had a well-deserved break over the Christmas period and are fresh and ready for the new year!

This is the January edition of ďKeep Things FlowingĒ, the monthly newsletter presented by Storm Water Consulting.

Coming up in this monthís newsletter, we look at the recent flood modelling updates released by Brisbane City Council and we answer another frequently asked question.


BCC Flood Modelling Updates

Earlier this month the media ran several news stories about Brisbane City Councilís recent flood mapping updates. The news stories focused on residents whose properties were previously not included in Brisbane City Councilís Flood Planning Areas and since the updates, are now located in the Flood Planning Areas. Residents were concerned about the devaluation of their properties due to now being located in Flood Planning Areas. Many residents were quoted as saying there had never been a flood on their property in all the time they lived there and that the modelling was unwarranted.

Brisbane City Council have updated their Flood Mapping System with results from their latest flood modelling which was undertaken in the following areas:

         Moolabin/Rocky Waterholes Creeks

         Sheep Station Gully Creek

         Tingalpa Drain

         Nundah Creek

         Coastal Flood Study

Updates were made to the Creek/Waterway Flood Planning Areas. The Creek/Waterway Flood Planning Areas are areas subject to inundation from a Creek or Waterway. Depending on the characteristics of the flood water, a sub-rating is defined from 1 (high risk) to 5 (low risk). A typical Creek/Waterway Flood Planning Area Map is shown in Figure 1 below.


Figure 1 Ė Example of BCC Creek/Waterway Flood Planning Area

Advancements in hydrologic and hydraulic modelling technology allows Councilís to update their predicted flood inundation areas. Just because an area has never experienced flooding before doesnít mean it will never happen. Too often we hear residents explain that itís never flooded on their property despite flood modelling showing that it could happen. Itís better to know about a potential flooding problem earlier rather than later. For access to Councilís Flood Mapping system please visit the link below.

BCC Interactive Mapping System

Design flood event Ė these are not real. Like designing a building to resist an earthquake of a particular magnitude. We design for it and hope that it doesnít happen.

If you are concerned about the flood risk associated with your property please feel free to contact our office.

Frequently Asked Question


My property is subject to overland flow flooding and I plan to develop. What type of fence am I allowed to construct given there is overland flow across the block?


A fence is an unregulated structure. So technically the Council canít prevent you from constructing any type of fence you like. However, caution should be taken when selecting the type of fence. If the fence were to block the overland flow path and create an adverse impact to neighbouring properties you could be liable for any damages caused. The Council could make you remove the fence due to the adverse impact it creates on neighbouring properties.

Every property has different flooding characteristics and a decision on the type of fencing should be undertaken during the planning stage of the project. Typically, a tubular pool type fence is suitable to be located in areas subject to overland flow inundation. The pool type fence allows flows to pass through the fence with the least likelihood of debris blockages. Note, areas subject to Creek or Waterway flooding may also be restricted with the fence selection.

If you are concerned about the type of fencing selected for your development please feel free to contact our office and we would be pleased to help with an adequate fence selection.††


Wrap Up

We hope you enjoyed this edition of Keep Things Flowing. Feedback on articles presented is always welcomed and for further information on any of the articles presented please donít hesitate to contact our office.

As always, Keep Things Flowing!

The Storm Team