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Hello everyone and welcome to the July edition of “Keep Things Flowing”, the monthly newsletter presented by Storm Water Consulting.

In this month’s newsletter Steve reviews a Sediment and Erosion Control workshop that he attended earlier in the month, we answer another frequently asked question and we provide you with some updates from the stormwater sector.


Workshop Review

Earlier this month I attended a Sediment and Erosion Control Plan workshop. The workshop was presented by Grant Witheridge and was part of Stormwater Queensland’s Winter School.

Myself (left) and Presenter Grant Witheridge (right) at the workshop.

The workshop was attended by approximately 20 participants, which included Council officers (from various Council’s throughout Queensland), civil engineers, civil drafters, engineering technologists and graduate engineers. The workshop focused on the process behind the preparation of sediment and erosion control plans, which included:

·         Hazard Assessment

·         Treatment Selection

·         Treatment Design

·         Plan Preparation

As hydraulic engineers we are often responsible for locating and sizing treatment areas on a site. The civil design works are then undertaken to ensure runoff from the development is directed into these areas. Often the treatment areas provided as part of the sediment and erosion control plans are converted into the final stormwater treatment for the site once construction is completed. It would therefore be highly beneficial if the developer could rely on one consultant to provide both the sediment and erosion control plan and the stormwater management plan. At the very least a good understanding of the preparation process behind the sediment and erosion control plan will benefit the developer. By attending this workshop I have learnt how to prepare sediment and erosion control plans and I aim to prepare these plans for future projects.


Frequently Asked Question


I plan to develop my property which is located adjacent to Brisbane City Council’s Overland Flow Flood Planning Area. As my property is not located within the Overland Flow Flood Planning Area, do I have to consider the overland flow in the area and do I have to meet the requirements of the Flood Overlay Code?


As the property is not located within the Overland Flow Flood Planning Area (and no other Flood Planning Areas) the Flood Overlay Code is not required to be met. However, it should be understood that the Overland Flow Flood Planning Area is not representative of the actual flood prone land and is only indicative that there is an overland flow issue in the area. The overland flow needs to be further assessed by a hydraulic engineer. Given that there is overland flow in the area (although it may not be on the subject property) the development should still be designed to meet the requirements of the Flood Overlay Code in order to provide a safe and sustainable development.


Stormwater News

·         We have recently found that Brisbane City Council is tightening up on the trafficable access requirement for developments. In some cases a stormwater emergency management plan is not an acceptable method of addressing the trafficable access requirement and development has been refused. It is critical that we ensure access to the development property is not cut off during a flood event.

·         Earlier this month SPEL announced that they have gained approval for their SPELFilter in Logan City Council.

·         MUSIC (water quality modelling package) have released an updated version of their software (v6.2).


Wrap Up

That brings us to the end of another edition of “Keep Things Flowing”. If you have any questions about information presented in this month’s edition please feel free to contact our office.

As always, Keep Things Flowing!

The Storm Team



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