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Hi Readers! Can you believe we’re halfway through the year already!? Our monthly newsletter has been providing you with all things stormwater for three and a half years now and throughout this time we’ve discussed a number of different topics.  Are there any topics or particular items that you would like covered in future editions? Please let us know by replying to this email with any feedback or topic requests.  


In this month’s issue of Keep Things Flowing we review an underground stormwater detention product and we review possible tax deductions for the upcoming end of financial year. 



GRAF Ecobloc Detention System

Earlier this month the Storm Team met with a representative from GRAF to participate in a product information session. The focus product was the Ecobloc. The Ecobloc is an underground modular detention system, similar to the Ausdrain, Atlantis or Novaplas detention systems.


The main difference between the Ecobloc and other modular detention tank systems is how the individual modular sections are connected together. The Ecobloc has hollow cone shaped supports (protruding from a top plate) that lock into a base plate. Photographs of the Ecobloc system are presented below.





The cone shaped supports serve multiple purposes which include:

·         High load bearing capacity;

·         Low loss of storage volume, resulting in up to 97% storage efficiency;

·         Easy and fast installation process;

·         Reduced transportation costs (units are stacked into each other for transportation);


Initial pricing information provided for the Ecobloc indicates that the Ecobloc is comparable to other similar modular detention systems. If you require assistance with sizing a detention system for your development please contact our office and we would be pleased to provide you with assistance.



Tax Time

June has come and gone, which means it’s time to forage for those faded receipts inside your shoe box and sort out your tax returns. The ATO’s website has listed some occupation-specific deductions you can claim for your work-related expenses. Some common work-related deductions for engineers (and potentially architects, town planners etc.) are listed below:


- Work-related daily travel expenses: travels between your work and meeting places and/or sites are generally deductable. Travelling from home to site then onto work is also deductable, however travels between home and work are generally private (with exceptions).


- Overnight and overseas travel: fares, accommodations, meals and incidental expenses for work (e.g. site visits) are generally deductable. This includes attending industry-related seminars interstate or overseas (attendance fees are also deductable). Course fees and tutorial fees for work-related training (e.g. software package courses) are also generally deductable.


- Union fees and subscriptions to associations: membership fees to Engineers Australia and Professionals Australia (amongst others) are generally deductable. Fees incurred for application to qualified status (e.g. CPEng) are generally deductable.


- Protective clothing, uniforms and laundry: safety equipment, protective clothing and uniforms are generally deductable. The costs for laundry and dry-cleaning uniforms and protective clothing are also deductable.


Make sure you are able to supplement evidence for the above deductions (e.g. receipts). The above is of an informative nature; see the ATO website for more details or seek professional advice from your tax agent.



Wrap Up

We hope you enjoyed this edition of Keep Things Flowing. Feedback on articles presented is always welcomed and for further information on any of the articles presented please don’t hesitate to contact our office.


As always, Keep Things Flowing!


The Storm Team


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