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Hello everyone and welcome to the March edition of "Keep Things Flowing", the monthly newsletter presented by Storm Water Consulting.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Easter long weekend. The weather was a delight! In this issue we bring you a number of important updates that will be useful for you to know about as we progress through the year.


Moreton Bay Regional Council Updates

Moreton Bay Regional Council have recently made available to the public a number of flood studies for the major waterways within the Council's precinct. The different flood study areas include:

-         Bribie Island

-         Brisbane Coastal Creeks

-         Burpengary Creek

-         Byron Creek

-         Caboolture River

-         Hays Inlet

-         Lower Pine River

-         Mary River

-         Neurum Creek

-         Pumicestone Passage

-         Redcliffe

-         Sideling Creek

-         Stanley River

-         Upper Pine River

Each flood study can be viewed on Moreton Bay Regional Council's website or via the link below.

Another important update released by Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) is a second type of Flood Check Report. The two types of Flood Check Reports are presented below:

1.     Flood Check Property Report

2.     Flood Check Development Report

MBRC describe each of these reports as presented below.

"A Flood Check Report describes the existing flooding conditions that have been identified for a given property. These reports can prove beneficial when preparing a flood emergency plan or applying for flood insurance."

"For anyone proposing new building and/or development works you are encouraged to read the planning scheme, together with a free Flood Check Development Report. These reports provide information for property owners and potential developers, to help understand the flood related requirements of Moreton Bay Regional Council's Planning Scheme." 

The Flood Check Development Report provides flood level data (for the year 2100) with an allowance for fully developed catchments, climate change, predicted sea level rises and blockages to drain systems.

The two Flood Check Reports can be viewed on Moreton Bay Regional Council's website or via the link below.

Project Watch

Earlier this month we participated in the inspection of one of our previous projects on the Gold Coast. Our role in the project included an analysis of the overland flow and creek flooding affecting the site. The proposed design included a bridge crossing overland the overland flow path. The formalisation of the overland flow path through the site was also part of our design. The development is now under construction however the features which we were involved in designing are mostly complete. Presented below are some photographs of bridge crossing and flow path.

Photograph 1 - Looking at the flow path and the bridge crossing.


Photograph 2 - Looking at the flow path from the bridge.


Photograph 3 - Looking upstream at the bridge.

Revegetation works through the flow path are yet to be completed as construction is still ongoing. It's always great to have the opportunity to see a finished product!

Wrap Up

We hope you enjoyed this edition of Keep Things Flowing. Feedback on articles presented is always welcomed and for further information on any of the articles presented please don't hesitate to contact our office.

As always, Keep Things Flowing!

The Storm Team



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