Storm Water Consulting's engineers are highly experienced in a number of different software packages. We use both hydrologic and hydraulic modelling software packages. A summary of each software package that we use is presented below.


Tuflow is a hydrodynamic software modelling package. The software can model flow in both 1-dimension and 2-dimensions, which allows flow directions to be computated based on ground levels rather than user input. This function is particularly useful when the direction of flow in unknown or complex. 1-Dimensional analysis is still able to be undertaken using TUFLOW, however, the primary use of the software is in the 2-dimensional state.

Another advantage of using TUFLOW is that results are able to be mapped for easy interpretation. Presented below is an example of a TUFLOW inundation plan.


MIKE11 is a hydrodynamic software modelling package. The software models flow in 1-dimension. MIKE11 is a gerenally used to model Creeks, Rivers and Waterways. MIKE11 is based on cross sectional geometry over a user defined location. A benefit of using MIKE11 is that an unsteady flow state can be modelled.

Results are mapped by the user as presented in the example inundation plot below.


HECRAS was developed by the U.S Army Corps of Emgineers and is used to model rivers, flow paths and channel hydraulics. We mostly use HECRAS to model overland flow paths and 1-dimensional flow profiles.

Results are also mapped by the user The model is based on cross sections through a flow path/flood prone area. This hydraulic model is much simpler to setup than a Mike11 or TUFLOW model. An example of a model setup is presented below.


URBS is a continous event/rainfall runoff routing model. The primary use of the URBS software us to determine the peak discahrge from a catchment and to size detention basins. The model routes rainfall through the catchment and uses routing lengths, surface types and fraction imperviousness to quantify the peak discharge from a catchment.

An example of a URBS model schematic is presented below


MUSIC is used to model pollutant levels in stormwater runoff. Stormwater quality devices are modelled to determine the treated stormwater pollutant levels and to size an appropriate treatment device.

An example of a MUSIC model setup is presented below